my first word was "out." born to a family for whom nature is sacred, i went on a lot of hikes perched on mom or dad's shoulders when i was little and grew up steeped in the beauty of the natural world. one day on a hike up mt. monadnock with my parents, i allegedly pointed to the path ahead and insisted i be taken out from the safety of my father's pack. "out!" i said simply. and out i went. since that day, i have spent many hours enjoying the meadows, mountains, woods, valleys, lakes, and rivers of new england.

    the exquisite beauty of the natural world has been the subject of all my photography since i first picked up a camera at age 12. however, after a long illness, “out” began to take on new meaning for me. after so many years of seeking to capture the promise of that distant horizon, i discovered that “out” is defined less by geography than by perspective. each moment unfolds before us and lays bare the intimate details of her existence with exquisite candor, outlining the unique footprint of her ephemeral glory for us whether we notice the grace of her untiring performance or not. as a photographer, i aim to bear witness to this unfolding and in turn feel its stillness and quietude. i hope others will find in my images some of the deep and calming solace i experience in the profoundly humbling act of seeing itself.

    thank you for visiting my site!
    lara birk