welcome to shining birch photography, and thank you for visiting.

my first word was "out." we went on a lot of hikes as kids, and my mom instilled in me a sense that nature is sacred. one day, perched in a backpack on my father's shoulders, i pointed to the path ahead and said "out!" and out i went, never to look back (or so the story goes)!

over the years, “out” began to take on new meaning. life taught me (in the sharp and jagged lessons that are its specialty) that "out" is less about our geography than our perspective.

each moment unfolds before us, as if humbly laying bare intimate secrets of its exquisite and ephemeral beauty. there is joy and stillness in the dance of light and shadow, the sparkling waters, the shining birches, the soft snowfalls, the quiet dew drops...

so, out we go!

lara birk